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CRL Psychiatry is a private outpatient clinic treating mental health disorders and specialising in Adult ADHD, we aim to serve the needs of our clients who are looking for discretion, professionalism and ultimately success when they have made the decision to address their concerns. We are a professional team of committed doctors (psychiatrists), and healthcare professionals with over 20 years of experience working within the mental health field.

At CRL Psychiatry, we do not believe in a one size fits all treatment. Our experienced doctors understand the complex nature of mental wellbeing. Over the years, we have successfully treated many individuals from varying backgrounds and cultures.

At CRL Psychiatry we understand all our clients are unique, using our years of experience and wide range of evidence-based treatment options we will create tailor-made person-centred treatment plans.

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We are a diverse and multilingual team that understands the cultural complexities, taboos, shame and stigmas associated with mental health allowing us to treat clients with the utmost discretion and confidentiality from all walks of life and backgrounds.

At CRL Psychiatry, we continue supporting our clients even after they complete treatment with a range of aftercare programs.

If you are concerned your mental health is getting out of control or if you or someone you know are concerned about a loved one’s mental health, please call us at CRL Psychiatry for a friendly and confidential chat about the best ways, you can support yourself or your loved one.

What we treat

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Struggling with your mental health issues can drift you far from the life you want. Our unique approach focuses carefully on the roots of the problem that leads you downhill. 

Excessive activity or restlessness, Extreme impatience, Mood swings and bursts of anger, Poor time management skills, Frequent mood swings? ...These are just some of the symptoms of Adult ADHD...

What does the Adult ADHD assessment include?

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Very polite, kind and caring service. Everybody from the Receptionist to the Psychiatrist are genuinely caring from the moment you step over the doorstep. Can’t recommend this organisation highly enough.



Life changing

Life changing experience and doctor as well as staff are just on point with everything, best thing I done was when I walked through there doors, I only wish I delt with things along time ago.



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